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I found this community and I thought: -gasp- I'm not the only one?
(cause my friends tell me my ... obsession with LJ is rather freaky xD)

I also did the checklist! -cheers for herself-

~*Livejournal comes up in your everyday conversations off the computer.
Too much. My friends have banned me from saying "Livejournal" two times in one conversation. xD
~*You constantly find yourself checking livejournal, even if you JUST checked it.
Idd. Kinda annoying myself with it tough.
~*You write down things you wish to put in your lj so you do not forget them.
I don't necessarily write them down, but I do think constantly: "I have to blog this! I have to take a pic and post it!"
~*You own more than one livejournal.
...guilty xD
~*You're a paid member.
Not yet :)
~*You have clicked 'random' before.
Doesn't everybody?
~*You know who Frank the goat is.
Isn't he the guy that goes for president or something?
~*You are in more than one community /are in charge of one.
I think I'm in 6, or something.
~*You get extremely pissed off when livejournal is "under maintenance".
Luckily, I never had that. but if it happens... -growls-
~*You know how to change the comment tabs.
~*Livejournal is your only friend... or so it seems.
Sometimes, when I'm having a bad day.
~*You've had a livejournal fight before.
must be interesting.
~*You neglect your other needs in order to update or check livejournal.
xD Uhu!
well duh. Multiple times even.

So, hello to everyone!
Is anyone interested in having a LJ party? xD
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