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Hi All!
I just love this survey...check my answers...I mean, the one on the userinfo for this community. I say yes to a ton of them...
You KNOW you're a livejournal loser if:
~*Livejournal comes up in your everyday conversations off the computer.
Yes, definitely...My friends get all mad because of this.
~*You constantly find yourself checking livejournal, even if you JUST checked it.
Oh yes...I'm always typing in the URLs of my friends, even if I know they're sleeping and haven't updated...and then i just go back and reread old things...
~*You write down things you wish to put in your lj so you do not forget them.
Story of my life this one.
~*You own more than one livejournal.
~*You're a paid member.
No, but i want to be.
~*You have clicked 'random' before.
All the time...I love it.
~*You know who Frank the goat is.
I don't actually...Care to share?
~*You are in more than one community / are in charge of one.
Yep! I started one today, and also my friend and I started one that we both govern, that one's about a month old, maybe more?
~*You get extremely pissed off when livejournal is "under maintenance".
Tha'ts actually not happened to me before. But i would be mad if it did...I have to update every day...
~*You know how to change the comment tabs.
No, I am very dumb and don't know HTML and cool stuff like that.
~*Livejournal is your only friend... or so it seems.
Not really but sure? I guess, kinda, ish, sometimes...On bad days.
~*You've had a livejournal fight before.
Um no. Sounds interesting though...
~*You neglect your other needs in order to update or check livejournal.
All the time...
Lol! Did that!
Lol had to include that...
Okay thanks for reading this...I was just very amused by how true all of this was...
And it's very late...almost midnight, i should go to bed...
Hop to meet some new friends here.
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hahaha thats a fucking classy lj thingo
i agree though
im a total lj addict/loser...
Frank the Goat is the mascot of LJ... he lives on the main page, and when you hover over him he moves. hehe